The Houston Black Real Estate Association was founded in 1949 by 11 progressive real estate brokers. The brokers, faced with the dilemma of discriminatory real estate practices, deemed it necessary to form an entity that could ensure not only democracy in the real estate industry, but also in housing opportunities.

The founding meeting was held at the then Negro Chamber of Commerce. The Founders were: J.W. Hubert, J.E Robinson, J.W. Robinson, Sr., E. J. Hardy, W.O. Bonner, W.W. Robinson, E.S. McCullough, O.J. Polk, Garfield Clark, Roscoe Cavitt and S.D. Jones, Sr.

In 1956, the organization was incorporated and became the Houston Real Estate Association, Inc. In 2012, a dba was created for HBREA to do business as The Houston Black Real Estate Association, Inc.

Encouraged by the prospect of progress through organization, the association immediately launched an educational program in order to better qualify themselves and to open the door for other Negroes interested in the real estate industry. Through the cooperation of Texas Southern University, evening classes in Real Estate Principles, Salesmanship, Real Estate Brokerage and Real Estate Law were sponsored by the Association.


LaDonna Parker, 2019-2020 Keith R. Silas, 1999-2000
Kimberly Barnes-Henson, 2017-2018 Frank Harris, 1981-1983
John Guess, 2015-2016 Weldon Traylor, 1979-1980
Gerald Womack, 2013-2014 Harry Jones, 1975-1976
Courtney Johnson Rose, 2011-2012 George K. Coleman, 1968
William “Bill” Pitre, 2009-2010 H.M. Washington, 1966-1967
Darryl Malloy, 2007-2008 Roosevelt Briscoe, 1964-1965
Bryther Copes, 2005-2006 J.W. Robinson, Sr., 1963 – Founder
Bobbye Mills, 2003-2004 W.A. Samuels, 1961-1962
Rose Marie Dixon, 2001-2002 S.D. Jones, 1959-1960
Andrea Hilliard-Cooksey, 1997-1998 G.M. Kemp, 1957-1958
Carolyn Matthews Cooper, 1993-1996 W.O. Bonner, 1956
Ed Ryland, 1992-1993 J.W. Robinson, Dr., 1954-1955 – Founder
Jackie Cooper, 1990-1991 S.D. Jones, 1951-1953
Charles Rencher, 1988-1989 J.W. Robinson, Dr., 1949-1950 – Founder and First President
Samuel Stewart, 1986-1987
George Johnson, 1984-1985
Harold Moore, 1977-1978
Clarence James, 1973-1974
George Wyche, 1971-1972
Travis Cooper, 1969-1970