We proudly serve our Houston Communities.


Message from the President

Felcia Guidry

Welcome HBREA Realtist Family In Friends!

It is a pleasure to greet you and I am humbled and honored to serve as the President of this historic and prestigious organization. I believe we are the sum total of what others have invested in us directly and indirectly and for that I am truly grateful.

I want to say, job well done to our outgoing President, Marla Lewis. She has served her tenure with so much grace and Houston is Rising and Shining because of her leadership.

The accomplishments of our past leaders compel us to do greater. I have been passed the baton and am prepared to run my leg of the race with a great leadership team, partners, members, and volunteers.

The mission has not changed, and our goal is clear to Build Black Wealth through Homeownership. This requires Advocacy, Activism and Action to ensure Generational Wealth for Communities.

This administration’s theme is “Reset and Align for Greater” to Educate and Empower Houston Communities to reach their greatest potential. Together we can Reset with innovation, connectivity, and productivity. We have a vision and believe Aligning strategic relationships, partnerships, and collaboration will create economic growth and sustainability.

HBREA is keenly aware that for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and communities of color, prosperity, and growth are not equitable for all. There is a need to do more, to create momentum, impact our economy, and expand prosperity. As we move forward at this pivotal moment in time HBREA is undertaking the development of strategic initiatives that will benefit all of its stakeholders, members, and businesses. We believe our strategy to Reset and Align with our partners is key to accomplishing the goal.

HBREA will continue to support various agencies in Houston while maintaining an active role in the community via offering scholarships, training, home ownership assistance, counseling to low to-moderate income individuals and so much more. The vision and goals of the Houston Local Board of NAREB are in alignment with the National goals to increase the black homeownership rate. HBREA will represent the voice of real estate. We will be recognized in the community more than ever, as we have established ourselves as an organization that must be at the table.

We will be a strong advocate on both the local and state levels pushing for and promoting legislation and policies that supports homeownership and generational wealth for all.  We will Reset with solution-oriented mindsets knowing that with everyone doing their part we will align to do greater and have a successful administration.

Finally, I want to say “thank you” to my husband, Horace Guidry that has agreed to run this race with me. To all our members, sponsors, family, and friends, thanks for your continued support and commitment to our mission. It’s time for Houston to Reset and Align together for Greater!

In the Realtist Spirit!

Felicia Guidry