We proudly serve our Houston Communities.


Message from the President

Marla Lewis, HBREA 2021 President

Dear HBREA Members, Supporters and Friends,

 As the President, I am honored to serve this historic and prestigious institution.

“Celebrating 72 Years of Service”

Houston Black Real Estate Association (HBREA) is the Local Chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). HBREA is comprised primarily of African American real estate practitioners.

Membership in the Association is open to all who support Equal Housing Opportunity. HBREA’s members are distinguished by the trade name “REALTIST®” and they subscribe to the NAREB Code of Ethics and core principle of “Democracy in Housing.”

Black Americans incurred over a Billion Dollar loss of equity/wealth and drastic reductions in their rate of homeownership as a result of the combined impact of the subprime debacle, predatory lending practices, and the foreclosure crisis. In response to this dilemma, HBREA being the oldest minority real estate organization in Houston, commits to integrating NAREB’s national strategy.

To strengthen and grow a strategic collaboration of real estate, small businesses, financial services, policy, advocacy and other stakeholders we will focus on improving economic inclusion for African Americans in Houston and surrounding areas through homeownership and other financial economic empowerment vehicles.

Homeownership remains the number one wealth building vehicle for African American families. However, Homeownership rates for African Americans in Houston and surrounding Harris County declined more than any other racial and ethnic group from 2010 to 2018, falling from 37% to 31% in the city and 41% to 37% in the county.

In addition, we are currently threatened by the current Pandemic, COVID 19. It is more imperative now than ever before to align ourselves with great partners like you.

Join us in 2021 to achieve our goals as we focus on “Democracy in Housing” that will bring wealth creation via home ownership to the forefront.

A Focus on Wealth Creation through Prevention and Access


I. Increase community awareness through activities and events to promote access to creative lending products that will accomplish CRA goals and objectives.

II. Align with partners that produce and provide a product that reduces racial wealth disparities and gives access for low to moderate income African American Families.

III. Educate our community regarding the avoidance of foreclosure and eviction with prevention and/or solutions to maintaining creditworthiness.

IV. Multicultural shift that gives focus and awareness to bring solutions that increases homeownership.

“In the REALTIST® Spirit”,

 Marla Lewis