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HBREA Members Listings - which contains all current property listings from the MLS

If you are interested in showcasing your listing(s), please send a request to billprice7@hotmail.com

"For HBREA Broker/Agent Members Only"

Broker: Bill Price
Broker Name: B & K Realty, LLC
Office Ph: 210-422-9519
Email: billprice7@hotmail.com

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Broker: Courtney Johnson-Rose
Broker Name: George E. Johnson Properties
Office Ph: 713-721-5555
Email: courtney@gejproperties.com

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Broker: Don Davis
Broker Name: DDLRG International Realty
Office: Ph: 936-494-5500
Email: don@dondavisrealtygroup.com

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Broker: Iva Jarmon
Broker Name: I J Realty, LLC
Office Ph: 713-492-2959
Email: ijrealty@ijrealtytexas.com

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Broker: Kimberly Barnes-Henson

Broker Name: Kimberly Barnes Henson
Office Ph: 713-742-2424
Email: kimbarnes.realltor@gmail.com

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Broker: LaTisha Grant
Broker Name: TAS Realty Group
Office Ph: 713-929-3411
Email: latisha@tasrealtygroup.com

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Broker: Mia Romar
Broker Name: RE/MAX Top Realty
Office: 713-558-2518
Email: mia@miaromarhomes.com

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