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Grammarly - A free writing tool for students, writers, educators, trainers, and Real Estate professionals

  • 19 Jun 2017 3:16 PM
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    Grammarly – A free writing tool for students, writers, educators, trainers, and real estate professionals


    How can Grammarly help us:  with Word, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, Gmail, and Outlook.

    In the past, when you wrote something that was going to be published, emailed or presented before an audience, you wanted every word to be spelled correctly, used correctly and made sense. So no matter how you proof read it or got someone else to wordsmith it, you were always shocked when something wrong got through. Even when you paid a professional proofreader your wife, husband, friend or child, something would get through. 

    I enjoy being a writer, but sometimes, I don’t know if I am using the correct word, tense or whatever correctly. There are many words in the English language that can be confusing if you don’t know what they are. Some of the Grammarly features are so outstanding that I was just about blown away.

    One of the features I really like is the Custom Dictionary, where I can place acronyms (e.g., TREC, TAR, NAR, HAR, NAREB, TRETA, and HBREA) in one place and not have to add the acronym to every place I write something. Grammarly will remember them forever. Your documents are stored on the cloud safely and securely in one place. You would have to upgrade for features like check for plagiarism or help you with a specific writing style.

    I know many of us use Word or some other document editing program and we have come to rely on those programs to tell us our errors. Many errors are found and corrected right there, but I was able to take what I am writing right now and copy it into Grammarly and found additional errors. Man was I surprised. Being the world’s worst speller, I was glad when Spell-Check came along when it did. Spelling the word correctly, but using the word incorrectly, would beat me up each time.

    I am so pleased to have a tool at my disposal that can help me cut down on incorrect sentence structures and don’t make sense sentences. Grammarly found two critical issues in this writing, but I don’t believe you will find them. There were also 14 advanced issues associated with this document as well. Now in order to see those issues, I would have to upgrade from FREE to premium which is not going to happen today.

    The application is a copy/paste the content from a place where you are working into Grammarly or you can type directly into Grammarly new document. You can sign up for free, and no credit card is required to be on file. Go to www.grammarly.com and see the magic happen.

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