Two Million New Black Homeowners Program (2Mn5)

The National Association of Real-Estate Brokers (NAREB) Two Million New Black Homeowner Initiative Program (2MN5) includes the following key points: The 2MN5 Program is one of NAREB’s solutions in response to its semi-annual report the State of Housing In Black America (SHIBA) ®, with a short and long-term core objective to eliminate the racial gap and disparity in homeownership in the United States (42% Black vs. 71% White).


House Then the Car

House Then the Car is a National campaign under the N.A.R.E.B. 2MN5 initiative. The House Then the Car highlights N.A.R.E.B’s State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA) report. The campaign will focus on communities that have large numbers of millennials and Gen X, that do not own homes.



The Term SHIBA, is the acronym used to represent our focus on the State of Housing in Black America (SHIBA). The recent collapse of the housing market and subsequent recession has been particularly devastating to the Black community. Not only has our homeownership rate plummeted, but, accessing mortgage credit has become nearly impossible outside of government insured programs such as the FHA and VA.