We are looking for VOLUNTEERS.
HBREA Wants YOU to JOIN a Committee!

Affinity Benefits Committee

New ideas on benefits for our membership

Annual Meeting Committee

Local Nov/Dec Meeting to discuss HBREA activities and ideas for the coming year

Banquet Committee

Planning / Coordination of 2017 Banquet HBREA’s 68th Banquet to start our 67th year of serving the Greater Houston Area

Education Committee

Develop a Real Estate School offering Qualify and CE courses, develop a schedule of the current CE class offerings at various locations throughout Houston

Faith Based Committee

Coordinate Workshops of Financial Education at Religious facilities

Family Financial Education Committee

Develop/Utilize Financial Education ongoing workshops, seminars, activities for both Parents & Children and partner with other Non-profits to expand Outreach Activity

Fund Raising / Development Committee

New ideas for raising funds to operate HBREA, additional corporate entity as an investment tool for creating ownership of Commercial/Income Producing facility, endowment programs

Home Buyer Education Committee

Expand Home Buyer Education Classes to be able to offer certified classes every month in various locations around Houston

Membership Committee

Create/sponsor a variety of venues to meet, recruit, and educate members about the advantages and benefits and opportunities through HBREA Membership

Monthly Meeting Committee

Develop topics, speakers, activities, and sponsors for HBREA Monthly Lunch & Learn Membership Meetings

Mortgage Affiliate Committee

Stay up to date on new financing options, underwriting guideline changes, educational opportunities for LO’s and Realtist®

Newsletter Committee

Develop information for a quarterly newsletter of Member activities and accomplishments and updates on HBREA Outreach Programs

Realtist Week Committee

Develop and fund a week of Activities to highlight HBREA accomplishments, Members, Community Involvement, Education, and Celebration

Special Events Committee

Help various Committee Chairpersons develop and coordinate one time or first time fundraising events and activities

Subscription Membership Committee

Encourage and Coordinate Member to assist customers and clients to enroll for the FREE Subscription Membership, that helps them stay connected to HBREA and our Members

Nominating Committee

Inform Membership about the Nominating Process and opportunities for HBREA Leadership positions and training. Perform the activities to select new candidates for HBREA Directors and Officers.

Public Relations Committee

Prepare designated Members with the information they need to properly talk about and discuss HBREA topics, concerns, and positions regarding Real Estate questions of the Day.

Technology & Website Committee

Maintain the information on HBREA Websites and offer web-based marketing options for Members to increase their business and Internet Presence in the Marketplace

Habitat For Humanity Building Program

Coordinate with Habitat building projects for HBREA Members to Volunteer and create New Relationships

Homestead Exemption Program

Community Outreach Project designed to create New Relationships for our Members and deliver a financial benefit to the Community

Senior Citizen Outreach Program

Expansion of the Homestead Exemption Program to ask the additional question “Do you know anyone over 65 that we can confirm they have the proper exemptions in place to save Tax Dollars”; designed to solidify New Relationships with Seniors and Families that we assist.

New Home Builder Breakfast Program

“Breakfast with Builders – Great Way to Start Your Day”; designed to keep Members aware of Builder’s Incentives for Customers and Agents, new products, new programs, new subdivisions, future subdivisions, construction tips and techniques

Broker Circle Meetings

This involves Brokers and Associate Brokers.

Lender Circle Meetings

This involves Mortgage Companies and Lenders.

Past Presidents Meetings

All past HBREA Presidents are encouraged to join.


  • Help encourage young people to become interested in the Real Estate field.
  • Provide information and encourage college students to join the real estate industry.
  • Provide membership orientation to new members.
  • Encourage participation in all conference events.
  • Make referrals to other affiliates.